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Whole Body Benefits

Reflexology is the application of pressure via thumb, fingers, or multireflex tools (Dien Chan) applied to specific areas on the feet, hands, face, or ears. Stimulation of reflex points sends necessary signals to the brain, activating the body’s natural healing process. 

• Promotes deep relaxation; many people are experiencing chronic stress, which is a significant contributor to health issues. Relaxes the muscles, tendons, and joints, providing support and relief to everyday aches and pains.

• Enhances circulation and nutrient delivery to cells, promoting natural detoxification, supporting the body’s systems, and organ functions. This process increases the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

• Provides both therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. Dien Chan multireflex tools (balancing yin and yang) increase the skin’s inherent nutritional values, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and create a better absorption rate for topical treatments.

Anyone can experience the advantages of reflexology, no matter age, physical condition, or sensitivity level.

Edmonds Office

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The Origins of Dien Chan Method

With over a quarter-century of studying acupuncture and acupressure points, Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, a Vietnamese acupuncturist, established a therapeutic discipline called Multireflexology based on reflexology occidental works, such as iridology, endonasal reflexology, and auriculotherapy.

Multireflexology is an integrated system of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, and reflexology. It is a non-invasive modality that works with your nervous system encouraging your body to heal itself. It also works aesthetically to be a beauty protocol (stimulates natural collagen production, wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, etc.).

Dien Chan utilizes a yin and yang strategy to assist the body in its self-regulation process with non-invasive techniques. This approach is embodied in multi-reflex tools.

YIN: Pronged stainless steel and brass cylinders. These tools have refreshing, dispersing, and moisturizing effects. Use to relax and remove tension from muscular problems or stress.

YANG: Balls or pronged rollers. These tools have stimulating effects that concentrate and heat the treated area. Use to energize, reduce, and dry.

The goal is to find the balance between yin and yang.

Virtual Face Reflexology

From the comfort of your own home, experience a one-on-one consultation with Trinda. We will focus on your specific health goals with custom reflex points to support your body’s natural healing process. This 30-minute session will provide facial reflexology instruction and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive a guidance chart for your specific reflexology points.

DienChan’reflex + Chan’beaute Tools

Face reflexology tools for holistic therapy and skin care. These gorgeous, handcrafted tools are made of natural materials for high vibration healing. Ethically constructed in Vietnam, home of the multireflexology Dien Chan method.