‭Ear Seeds

Whole Body Benefits

Ears are often overlooked in Western Medicine, which can make them almost feel taboo when applying a technique to this area of the body. With anything new, it can take a session or two to adapt and feel entirely comfortable with the process.

Learning the ear and the map it holds, is a powerful tool in taking wellness into your hands.

This technique has been used for over 2,500 years and is widely used for stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, trauma, weight management, hormone balancing, and mental clarity. Auriculotherapy is helpful to aid in addiction management, mood management, as well as to influence and enhance a more balanced mindset.

Many who have experienced ear seeds are amazed at the benefits and how easy and comfortable it is to wear these little treasures.

Choose Your Experience

Two powerful offerings with incredible benefits.



The moon is a calming, gentle vibration in our world, yet a force so powerful that it pulls the tides on command. Luna’s energy brings with it a balance of peace and confidence through her generous selection of ear reflexology points.

During this session, ear seeds are applied to specific points to stimulate the nervous system. Option to use 24K Gold-plated or Vaccaria ear seeds.

Add Swarovski Crystals for an additional $10.



The sun is a spirited orb of continuous flame burning through our solar system, giving warmth and light in its wake. Sol’s energy brings with it strength and creativity through his generous offerings of powerful reflexology points coupled with chakra attunement.

During this session, after ear seeds are applied, a specialized Reiki activation will create a more connected and harmonizing experience. Option to use 24K Gold-plated, Vaccaria, or Swarovski Crystal ear seeds.

What to Expect

We will spend five minutes assessing the best ear reflexology points to address your needs. We will then clean the ears with a topical, medical-grade disinfectant in preparation for receiving the ear seeds. Following the cleaning, the ear seeds will be applied to the specific points to stimulate the nervous system, essentially awakening the body to the needs of these particular areas. Each ear seed is applied individually with a pair of tweezers for accuracy. An explanation of each point will be shared as the ear seed is being applied. Once all of the ear seeds are in place, we will spend a few minutes discussing aftercare procedures, and the session will complete.


Made from the vaccaria plant, which is prominent in Traditional Chinese Medicine and associated with the liver and stomach meridians.

24K Gold Plated
Made from a body safe base metal that is coated in pure 24k gold. These are luxurious little spheres.

Swarovski® Crystal
Made from genuine Swarovski® Crystal with faceted tops and flat backs to sit beautifully on the skin.

Skin Safe

Ear seeds are generally safe. They’re noninvasive and don’t require the use of needles, so there’s a much lower risk of infection or bleeding compared to acupuncture. If you have sensitive skin or a latex allergy, metal seeds or adhesive tape might cause some irritation.

Purchase Kits

Interested in purchasing your own ear seed kits for home use? Everything I offer in my sessions are available here.